TYNArace 8

Around the world, we are often asked about the difference between our timing solutions and our competitors – why is it that our products have been so universally successful?

Apart from the quality of our products, there are a three clearly distinguishable differences that truly sets us apart from the rest:

  1. Any UHF timing chip on the market can be used with our systems. Its Most Advanced Open Tag Sports Timing System.

  2. Our hardware integrates seamlessly with all of the well-used professional timing software packages including Webscorer 

  3. We do not lock our customers into any pre-registration software or ongoing contracts

  4. Get Best Time for Marathon - use Tynarace

  5. Particularly made for Stadium Runs. The width ensures coverage of all tracks.(Top Marathon Time)

The Tynarace 8 Timing System is our stadium race solution designed specifically for wider start and finish points. It can be effectively used for cycling and multi-sport events which typically use antenna mats. With 8 antenna ports the Tynarace 8 system can be coupled with antenna mats or side antennas and is capable of reading any unlocked Gen2 UHF tag on the market.
  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) passive timing system.

  • Comes complete with 8 antenna Mats (1m wide each)

  • Rugged Pelican case for use in any environment

  • Internal Li-ion battery with higher run time

Yes! Our Armed Forces are also being trained with our systems

Our Race Timing System is now the trusted choice of the Indian Army and other armed forces. Proudly contributing to precision and efficiency, our technology ensures flawless race results. Honored to support the missions and events of our elite armed forces.

Key features that have captured the attention of the armed forces include:

  1. Precision Timing: Our system guarantees millisecond accuracy, ensuring fair and reliable race results in even the most critical scenarios.

  2. Robust Performance: Built with military-grade durability, our Race Timing System can withstand the rigors of any terrain and weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for the dynamic requirements of the armed forces.

  3. Seamless Integration: Designed with user-friendly interfaces, our system integrates effortlessly with other technologies, facilitating streamlined coordination and efficient race management.

  4. Customizable Solutions: Recognizing the unique needs of different events, our system offers customizable features that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Indian Army and other armed forces.

  5. Real-time Monitoring: Instantaneous and comprehensive data analysis empowers event organizers and commanders to make informed decisions on the spot, enhancing the overall efficiency of the race.